Sunday, 12 December 2010

9th December 2010

On Thursday a group of us headed to London town to protest about the propositions to up tuition fees and the huge cuts that our education is facing. The day was a really great one with a really good atmosphere, very different from what you'll see in the media! Well done for everyone that took part and I'd really like to encourage more to get involved. These decisions will have an awful effect on the country and there needs to be a lot more involvement to stop it happening. All arts and humanties courses will no longer gain any funding, teaching budgets are to be cut by 80% and fees will become between £6000-£9000. I'd really encourage anyone that can to get involved and make a difference.

Type poster.

This project consisted of making a short sound recording and representing this typographically. My sound recording came from the end of a church service at St Peters Chruch, Brighton.


Fingerbang is club night we've put on as a class to help raise funds for our degree show. The first of many took place at The Jam, Brighton on November 26th and was a huge success!!! The night was a sellout and we even had a little visit from Paije from X Factor! Keep an eye out as in the new year for more nights as we've gone monthly! Take a look at this brilliant video by the extremely talented Matt Dreyer.

FingerBang 26th November from Matt Dreyer on Vimeo.

Handmade and Bound

Our class recently took part in a handmade arts fair in London called Handmade and Bound. There was some really lovely work and here is my contribution!

Matt Wingfield Studio Placement

Earlier in the term I did a week long placement with the brilliant Matt Wingfield in his studio in Hove. Matt Wingfield is RCA graduate who runs his own business. He works mostly with vinyl window stickers but also screenprints, model makes amongst many other things! A very talented man! I loved my placement and learn an awful lot, massive thanks to Matt! Whilst I was there I helped him on window display for Wagamamas and also some installation work for Lush.

Macmillan Arts and Crafts Sale

Back in the beginning of November we put on a arts sale to raise money for the brilliant Macmillan Cancer Support. I was really kean to do this as we recently lost the beautiful Sharon Diplock after her long battle with breast cancer. She was such an inspiring and amazing lady who is greatly missed. We held the sale In St Peters Church in central Brighton. On sale was a wide variety of brilliant work from photography to paintings, all work was of such a high standard and I can't thank contributors enough. As well as artwork we also had tea and cakes and live music from some very talented friends of mine. The day was brilliant and I really hope people enjoyed themselves. I am so thankful for all support and help, I'm very lucky to have so many supportive people around me. We raised a total of £400 which has gone to a fantastic cause. Thanks to Rossie and Mia for the photos.

South Downs.

This project was based around the beautiful South Ease in the South Ease. We took a trip to explore the area and then were set the task of producing a new signage system or creating a cultural addition to the area. I went with the cultural option and decided to design an event. The event was to celebrate South Ease becoming a National Trust area. The idea was that people could come visit the area on a particular day when helpers would be placed at particular points round the area with polaroid cameras and helium balloons. Visitors took a picture of their favorite view then sent it off with the balloon. Images that were sent back were turned into a outdoor exhibition right there in the countryside.