Thursday, 22 July 2010


i feel like i've been on summer forever. i really love having this much time with my family. being away from them has been really hard and i've really missed simple the things, being around everyone so much is just really soothing. there's been lots of dog walks (the nicest being first thing in the morning), swims in the sea, lots of cider, meal times, cuddles and talking. i miss brighton so much. i miss mia warner's cuddles and chat, midnight tea with sasha middlemost, ben maylin and dani wright. i miss the lovely feeling you get walking through brighton. i'm also missing people even though they're just round the corner. i also went to alton, my old home and had the nicest time with sara williams and pippa barrett.

i go to cardigan bay in wales in one week with all my family including stuart dolby (who is simply brilliant). i can't wait. i'm leaving my phone, my laptop and am spending two weeks of proper quality time with my favourite people. and there'll be dolphins. lush.

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